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Whether it is a fairly straightforward will or a complex one. Our experienced estate planning consultants will do all the hard work for you, while explaining every step of the way in plain english. Giving you the piece of mind knowing that your wishes are taken care of.

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Our experienced team of estate planning consultants will do all the hard work for you while explaining everything in plain English.



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Make a will in three easy steps


Answer simple pre-meeting questions

We make estate planning easy for you. To help us start creating your you estate plan you just fill in some questions so we can plan better for our meeting.


Have a meeting with our experts

Here we go into more detail so we can completely understand your wishes, needs and situation. Which will allow us to explore the most appropriate estate plan for you. We offer face to face or through a private online zoom session.


We create a bespoke estate plan for you

After the meeting, we will recommend the best estate plan for you, based on your individual needs that will allow your wishes to be fufilled and once you are happy you get the will to sign.

Privacy guaranteed

Writing a will is a very private matter, because of our world-class security systems, you can rest assured that the content of your will is completely secure and confidential.

You can also make a will remotely

If you prefer to speak with us online about your will, one of our specialists would be happy have an online meeting with you. Then if you are happy we can then get it printed, bound and sent out to you in the post. Book a free callback to get started.

Frequently asked questions

Our wills start at £199 for a single will and £299 for a mirror will. However everybody has different wishes and financial circumstances. So we always try speak to our clients to understand more about their individual situation and then recommend the best solution for them.

Our online wills include an update service that costs just £10 a year – free for the first year. This allows you to log back into your account any time in the future to update your will. It can also be cancelled any time if you don’t think you’ll need to make any updates. Once your updated will has been checked, approved, printed, signed and witnessed, you should destroy the old one to avoid any confusion for your executors. If you choose to write a will with a solicitor on the high street instead, you would likely need a codicil to amend your will. This is a separate document that costs around £70 each time. However, if you want to change more than 10% of your will, you’ll likely be recommended to make a brand new will instead to prevent the changes from being challenged in the future.
Most married couples, civil partners and long-term partners choose to leave the bulk of their residuary estate to their partner. This is usually due to shared responsibilities like bringing up children or paying a mortgage where your partner would rely on your financial support. If you’re a parent but don’t have a partner, you may wish to share your estate between your children. Anything left to children under 18 will usually be held by your executors until they reach adulthood. Your executors can choose to transfer the gift to the child’s parent or guardian for safekeeping at their discretion, or to use it for the child’s benefit before they reach 18.
An executor of a will is somebody you nominate to carry out the wishes left in your will. They could be a friend, family member or a professional – the most important thing is that they feel comfortable and confident administering your estate. When you write a will with our online will writing service, appointing your executors is easy. Whether you choose friends, family, Secured Will Sand Trusts Trustees or a combination of all three, you can do so in just a few clicks.
If you already have a will from a solicitor or another provider, there’s a high chance that they’ll ask you to pay if you want to change or update it. In some cases, this could end up costing over £150 – and you still won’t have an easy way to update it in the future. If your old will is out of date, you could make a new will for just £90 by using Farewill’s online will writing service. This would then allow you to update your will anytime in the future for just £10 a year – free for the first year. And remember: once you’ve printed and signed your new will alongside two witnesses, it’s important that you dispose of your old will to avoid confusion for your executors.
The inheritance tax rate for 2019/20 is £325,000 – this is also known as the nil rate band. If your estate is worth more than £325,000, you will usually have to pay 40% on everything over the nil rate band. However, if you’re married or in a civil partnership and your partner is domiciled in the UK, anything you leave to your partner will be tax free, regardless of the size of your estate. In this scenario, your partner would also inherit 100% of your £325,000 tax allowance, giving them a total allowance of £650,000. Your partner could then leave behind an estate up to the value of £650,000 without having to pay any inheritance tax.
On average, it costs around £150 to write a will in the UK. At Farewill, we charge just £90 for a single will or £140 for a couples will. And with our unlimited update service, you can make changes to your will anytime for just £10 a year.
To make your will legally binding you need to make sure it’s signed alongside two witnesses. It’s really important that both witnesses watch you sign your will at the same time, then they also need to add their own details and signatures. This is so that, if your will is ever contested in the future, your witnesses can testify that they watched you sign your will.
If you are self-isolating but need people to witness and sign your will, it’s incredibly important that you don’t put it off. To get around this, you could arrange for both of your witnesses to watch through a closed window as you sign your will – it’s important that they’re present at the same time for this. Then, after ensuring that your witnesses have recently sanitised their hands, you can pass your will through your letterbox. You’ll then need to return to the window to watch them both add their details and signatures to your will – ideally, they should use their own pens for this.

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